I got my stepper all wired up with a bench power supply, and using an h-bridge (sn75441one). The code seemed to run but there were several strange things happening:

  • while moving a single step at a time, it seemed like a single revolution had more than 400 steps (as advertised)
  • if I tried to move 2 steps at each iteration, the motor would move back and forth a step (or so it seemed)
  • if I tried moving 4 steps per iteration, nothing happened
  • if I tried moving a whole revolution at a time (clock then counter-clockwise), the motor would do ~160degree turn..
  • if I asked it to move a whole revolution without telling it myStepper.setSpeed(10); it got upset and did nothing
  • it seemed like the h-bridge was getting a little hot, more than it should. though my wiring seemed fine as far as I could tell

hope to have all these things figure out tomorrow, and read through arduino stepper library. in an ideal world I could have this running on a Pi, though I wonder how much easier a dedicated stepper driver would be