I wanted to explore how a computationally aided generative process could contribute to the creation of an oracle deck. I was initially trying to think deeper about binary and how several of the '-omancies' we discussed in class had a binary element. I then started thinking about the significance of strong visual imagery in tarot decks and wondered how I could use generative process to create a visual element that would have some meaning. Google's quick draw dataset came to mind, and then I thought it could be interesting to juxtapose an adjective to the object name, to anthropomorphize it. The dataset also allows for the drawing to be redrawn at the speed it was originally created, which added another element up for interpretation. For the spread, I wondered about how I think about things when I have a 'problem' or something foggy/troubling on my mind, and came up with 4 concepts/ideas as points of focus for the spread.

it lives online here

built with https://github.com/googlecreativelab/quickdraw-component