The idea of making an enclosure without anything to enclose felt a little uninspiring, so I needed some context to work with. I did come up with an idea (more on that later), though the parts arrived a little late... 3 buttons, a slider, a toggle switch, and a knob for a potentiometer.

All of the parts were panel mount, except for the slider. I learnt that it was designed to be soldered directly onto a PCB. It does have holes on the top for screws, but I think they're not intended to go all the way through – one of the holes corresponds with ground on the other side. I decided to try making a cradle of sorts for the slider, so it didn't jut out too much on the front of the control panel. I measured out everything with calipers and made an illustrator file for the control panel, and found some cardboard to test things out with

starting to assemble the control panel. the little cardboard strip was intended as a 'cradle' for the slider
messed up on the measurements for one of the holes...
very hacky job at trying to cradle the slider
i need a better solution for this
side view.. the slider knob needs to be just a little bit higher to reduce friction
this box is obviously too big

I wasn't planning on using the sparkfun box as an enclosure, but it almost fits – good enough for now. The control panel is mostly a test piece - I want to add some descriptions/indications for the switch, slider and knob. And perhaps an LED status indicator. A laser-cut layered approach would probably work best – sorting out the slider problem and the LED could be a few layers down, lighting up some useful text..