beingnormal™ is a device that helps you be an upstanding ideal digital citizen. No longer do have to worry about the possible ramifications of social-media surveillance – beingnormal™ will help you.. be normal.

beingnormal™ offers you multiple ways to post content – sharing existing content based on a short reaction-word, or sharing personal activity. Personal Activity is divided into needs – based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs – and thoughts – based on extensive research into 'things to tweet when you don't know what to tweet'. Twitter gurus have long advocated for asking questions on Twitter to drive engagement, and so beingnormal™ provides you with "ask" and "tell" modes.

You can be a normalperson too
Twitter research

Build / Tech

Raspberry pi running a python program, using the python-twitter wrapper on the Twitter API. As the Pi doesn't read analog input, used an analog-to-digital convertor.

Perf board planning:

plan 1
velcro to fix pi

more documentation soon..